The Massachusetts Clinic

This information was last updated on May 03, 2022 08:15 EDT  ( UTC-4 )

This clinic concluded successfully. A total of seven (7) pilots participated in different roles and completed the training requirement to fly the mass arrival on July 23. Kudos to Host and Lead Pilots Ken and Sara MacLean for their leadership and hard work. Our thanks to them, to Alex MacLean and to those who volunteered as safety pilots. Congratulations to all the participants!

Clinic Roster:

  Pilot Name Location Airport Model Tail No. Landing Gear
1   Burns, Jeff Grand Island, NY (USA) KIAG C210/P210 N3681Y Retractable
2   Craren, Mike Holliston, MA (USA) 1B9 C177 N52894 Retractable
3   Sadownick, Ronald Monroe, CT (USA) KMMK C172 N54151 Fixed
Total Number of Registered Pilots: 3  

Pilots who participated in the 2018 Massachusetts Clinic in Worcester, MA.

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Flight Planning Charts
Flight Planning Charts
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