Congratulations Cessnas 2 Oshkosh 2023!

Updated July 28, 2023 12:30 EDT

2023 Cessnas 2 Oshkosh Group - Photo by Mike Jones - Cessnas 2 Oshkosh.

Yes, it was a fantastic Mass Arrival. In spite of all the difficulties, Cessnas 2 Oshkosh put on a real show. The mass arrival flight was flawles and the celebration at Cessna Base Camp was great. The camaraderie among all our pilots relatives and friends is clearly evident, the unity amongst the group members is solid, and our resolution to continue our event for years to come is stronger than ever.

Our event this year brought fifty (50) aircraft in the main formation mass arrival flight, plus another five (5) in the pre-arrival phase. The Skylane was the leading model with twenty (20) aircraft, fifteen (15) with fixed landing gear and five (5) with retractable landing gear. They were very closely followed by the Cardinal (C177) with nineteen (19) aircraft, three (3) fixed landing gear and sixteen (16) with retractable gear. The third model in the most aircraft category was the Centurion (C210) with nine (9) aircraft. Congratulations to each and every PIC/Owner who made the extra effort to make it to our 2023 Cessnas 2 Oshkosh Mass Arrival!

Twenty-six (26) states and two (2) Canadian provinces were represented. Texas led the states with twelve (12) aircraft. Four (4) of our members drove from as far as the Boston and Kansas City areas to join the mass arrival and the group's annual celebration. Over one-hundred-fifty (150) pilots, relatives and friends enjoyed breakfast at dawn every day over at Cessna Base Camp in the North 40. Our traditional Sunday BBQ Dinner was very well attended and the door prizes were great. Most importantly, the company was the best each of us could wish and why we pilgrimage to Oshkosh every year.

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